Step 1: Diagnose

Studies show that 40% of your patients have chronic pain. The Axon II Neural Scanner provides objective monitoring of neuropathic pain.

  • Pain Med Rx
  • Radiculopathy
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Epidural Blocks
  • Trigger Point Injections

Great Reimbursement: $150 to $250Nerve Root

Low Cost Disposables: Under $1.50 per test - click here for details!

Fast: Under 20 minutes - click here for a full demo!

Simple: Can be performed by existing staff

Painless: Non-invasive pain-free test with close to 100% accuracy

Versatile: Pinpoint root cause of most pain symptoms - Sample Report

Reduce Your Patients' Pain Without Medication

Step 2: Treat

A patented horizontal therapy pain treatment system. The Hako-Med stimulates peripheral and motor nerves to reduce pain and provide muscle re-education.

High Reimbursement: $75 to $100 per session (1 month, 10 patient protocol)

Pain-Free: Non-invasive, non-toxic, safe & effective

Delivers Results: High patient compliance and satisfaction

Fast: Simple, easy setup

Get Results, Revenue and Return on your Investment

Step 1: Diagnose

The numbers speak for themselves!

ROI Table

Patients Per Month Axon-II Avg. Reimbursement ($250/Test) Hako-Med Avg. Reimbursement ($640/Per Patient)* Total Reimbursement Minus Lease** Total Monthly ROI Total Yearly ROI
10 $2,500 $6,400 $8,900 $1,270 $7,630 $91,560
20 $5,000 $12,800 $17,800 $1,270 $16,530 $198,360
30 $7,500 $19,200 $26,700 $1,270 $25,430 $305,160
40 $10,000 $25,600 $35,600 $1,270 $34,330 $411,960

*Based on 8 treatments per patient/month.

**Based on 60-month lease with good credit.


The Axon II Delta NCS uses two CPT codes:

Nerve Conduction

  • 95912 (Medicare limits to 6 nerves, so 95909)

Somatosensory Evoked Potential (SSEP)

  • 95925 - Cervical
  • 95926 - Lumbar


HakoMed ProElecDT 2000

The HakoMed is providing treatment for 2 separate applications during the 50 minute protocol. Using CPT codes 97032 (Electrical Stimulation) & 97112 (Neuromuscular Re-Education), the reimbursement per treatment session averages around $55-$65. The standard protocol for treatment is 10 sessions.

*Based on 10 tests. Standard protocol dictates 10-15 tests performed in a 30-day period.

HakoMed ROI

Affordable Payment Options

Step 1: Diagnose

AddAPainClinic offers afforadable leasing options for all qualified customers. Receive a quick credit decision! Financing terms from 12-60 months are available.

Click here for your financing options!

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